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Windrose Farm Trip

There is no better way to understand nature’s rhythms than by seeing first-hand what it takes to nourish all the things that nourish us. Over a beautiful late July weekend, we brought our community to Windrose Farm, where we were welcomed into a world of growth and harvest.


Windrose is a family farm located east of Paso Robles, near Creston, in San Luis Obispo County. Tucked in a unique valley of 50 acres — 12 are in vegetable rotations, 6 are in apples and stone fruit and 5 are heritage breed, animal pasture. The rest is habitat — full of animals, birds and insect life that work together in harmony.


For this experience, we brought 30 individuals to the farm to camp, volunteer, and share fresh farm to table cuisines under the central coast stars. During the days, we learned the in and outs of farm life of while getting our hands dirty and harvesting fresh produce. At night, we organized a large group dinner curated by Chef Ariel Malone, Hell's Kitchen S15 winner, using all meat and produce sourced locally from the farm and surrounding area.
Written by Michael Washington
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