Usal®         Los Angeles, California

LINE Hotel Mushroom Workshop

We teamed up with the LINE Hotel for a foraging and medicinal mushroom workshop with our Usal experts at their beautiful Koreatown location. Guided by foraging wizard Ethan DeLorenzo and Phoenix Ama of Masseta, a Topanga based microdosing company, we held a group seminar to discuss the various benefits of common medicinal and psychedelic mushrooms.


The group seminar discussed topics like: where and when certain mushrooms can be found in the world, experiences with micro vs macro dosing, and the unique strengths of different strains. After the panel, attendees had the opportunity to craft their own personal wild medicinal mushroom tincture to take home into their daily routine.


Thanks to all who came out and to our amazing speakers for sharing their wisdom.


Written by Michael Washington
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