June 06, 2023

Tide Pool Research Camp Trip

The Wonders of Intertidal species identification.

Tide Pool Research Camp Trip

The Wonders of Intertidal species identification.

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Guided by

Parker Kalan


04:00pm - 11:00am


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About Parker Kalan

Parker works full time as a Marine Biologist monitoring the effects of coastal power plans and specifically Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power plant on the environment. He has a MS in Ecology and believes that exploring and integrating people from all walks of life into the ocean environment is a critical component of conservation. This includes unique partnerships that expand the availability and accessibility of Science to a progressive and forward thinking audience.


In this workshop we will be exploring one of the most pristine State Parks. The timing of this trip was carefully selected to align with morning low tides. This allows familiarity with the intertidal before the lights go out and a chance to capture the golden hour while identifying and exploring unique creatures. This event will include a dinner prepared by Parker on the last night of the trip.

Sunday - Participants can arrive Sunday afternoon at their leisure and set up camp / settle in. Group campfire between 8-9:30 including introductions and setting the scene for the workshop.

Monday - We will wake up EARLY Monday morning for a dawn intertidal session; low tide is at 6:09 AM. It's encouraged to accept this early morning and the low tide with an open mind (and hopefully some coffee). Arriving before first light to see the day begin from the intertidal is magical. As the tide rises and we approach midday participants are free to rest, roam throughout MDO, enjoy a hike or surf, or get some remote work done if needed. Dinner will consist of a specialty seafood ramen made with local ingredients. Grassy Bar Oyster Company will come to shuck oysters and share background on the Oyster farming in Morro Bay. The evening will conclude with a campfire and a vintage projector slideshow of marine organisms.

Tuesday Morning - Intertidal session and departure.

What's included

  • 2 intertidal sessions
  • 2 nights of camping (campsites included)
  • 1 curated seafood dinner
  • cooking gear & utensils

What to bring

  • warm & comfortable outdoor clothing
  • all tent camping gear & food for the weekend
  • journal & pen for note taking
  • water-friendly shoes (crocs, sandals, etc)
  • headlamp & lights
  • We love dogs, but please leave all pets at home for this trip!