June 06, 2023

Bouldering Meet Up — Stoney Point

Bouldering with the Usal Community.

Bouldering Meet Up — Stoney Point

Bouldering with the Usal Community.

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Guided by

Cole Schwab


09:00am - 01:00pm


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About Cole Schwab

Cole was raised in Orange County, and currently resides in Ventura County. He is deeply passionate about rock climbing, with a preference for bouldering. He often says he feels most at home climbing on the wall in Joshua Tree or Stoney Point. He spends most of his time climbing, surfing, and meditating.


The local area for the climbers of Los Angeles; Stoney Point can boast to be one of the very first bouldering areas anywhere. It’s composed of fine grained and compact sandstone that's smooth to the touch. At this group Stoney Point meet up, we will focus on growing comfort levels from indoor to outdoor climbing. Together with our extended Usal climbing community, we'll tackle as a group beginner to intermediate climbs, while providing instruction on technique and etiquette along the way. This meet up is open to all experience levels.

We will be offering ticketed lessons for those new to outdoor climbing who are interested in a one on one lessons from Cole. Tickets are 10$. If you are an experienced climber and are only interested in the group meet up, please choose the free "meet up" option to RSVP.

What's included

  • intro to bouldering lesson
  • group bouldering meet up
  • guided help from the usal community

What to bring

  • climbing shoes
  • crash pads & chalk (if you have)
  • comfortable hiking shoes
  • trail food & snacks
  • sun protection
  • water