December 03, 2023

Micro-dosing Consultation — Blue Sunday

1 hour virtual consultation.

Micro-dosing Consultation — Blue Sunday

1 hour virtual consultation.

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About Blue Sunday

Blue Sunday will contact you via email to confirm a consultation appointment following your purchase. Blue Sunday is a Los Angeles-based holistic company that focuses on healing through the modalities of plant medicine. We focus on crafting medicinal honey, capsules, and tinctures with top quality mushroom strains. This has allowed our community to confidently embark on their micro-dosing journey using our products to explore the ritualistic, hollistic, and medicinal beauty of mushrooms.


Via Facetime meeting you will have an individualized consultation where you will become familiar to Blue Sunday, microdosing, set and setting, intention setting, integration and how to find the right strain for you. Before your call you will be receiving a sample of capsules and a guide on how to consume and what dosage is right for you. Use this time to ask all the questions you might have regarding microdosing, how to order in the future and any resources you might need to feel confident about embarking this new journey towards healing.

What's included

  • one initial phone call or Facetime meeting
  • 20 pack of capsules
  • knowledge on Microdosing
  • personally tailored microdosing schedule/regimen
  • support and a safe space to talk about what might be guiding you to this modality of healing
  • access to Blue Sunday + their future sales
  • follow up calls or texts for further guidance

What to bring

  • a quiet, private space to take a phone call
  • an open-heart


Please allow 5-7 days for Blue Sunday to get in touch via email after ticket confirmation.