June 06, 2023

Los Angeles River Walk

Walk along the river with Jason Wise.

Los Angeles River Walk

Walk along the river with Jason Wise.

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Guided by

Jason Journeyman Wise


10:00am - 12:00pm


June 17, 2023

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2 hrs

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About Jason Journeyman Wise

Jason is a naturalist, environmental advocate, and outdoor educator for kids of all ages. He teaches about plants, ecosystems, geology, and the ecological history of our region in locations like Yosemite, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles.


The Los Angeles River was once a wild and diverse ecosystem but was cemented over in the name of civic progress, removing the plants and animals that once thrived in this region. Luckily for us though, Mother Nature saved a few pockets of nature that refused to be tamed. Join us as we explore one of the few "soft bottom" areas of the River, learning about the balance indigenous people had with the River, how colonizers attempts to tame it, the signs of both we are able to observe today, and about the potential for a new beautiful future where the nature and people are both able to thrive around LA's secret gem of wilderness.

What's included

  • Learn about the river's past, present, and potential future
  • Walk along and hopefully down into the river

What to bring

  • water
  • shoes that can get wet
  • sunscreen
  • wear shorts or pants that can get wet
  • hat
  • binoculars