June 06, 2023

Group Trail Run

Group trail running with Rio & Karli.

Group Trail Run

Group trail running with Rio & Karli.

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Guided by

Rio Lakeshore and Karli Durden


09:30am - 12:00pm


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About Rio Lakeshore and Karli Durden

Rio Lakeshore is a competitive runner and self-proclaimed trail dancer who brings a unique blend of mindfulness and perspective into the running community. Rio's profound love for running is much deeper than sport. His rituals are key to his training preparation and life process of moving through the city and trails healthily. In mind, body and soul. Karli Duren is an LA based musician/model who has been running for years. She picked it up as a long distance routine during the pandemic, and uses it as a daily form of meditation. Whether it's purging or enjoying them, running has become the best way for her to connect with her emotions.


In this beginner to intermediate level run, Rio and Karli will lead us through a group trail training session that focuses on building comfort while increasing milage. The group will be guided through a breakdown of trail technique and preparation, as well as a visualization meditation and light movement warm up before taking to the trail. Participants will have the option of doing either a 4 mile route or an 8 mile route. This trail run is open to participants of all running levels and backgrounds.

What's included

  • meditation and movement warm up
  • lesson on trail running technique
  • group 4 or 8 Mile trail run

What to bring

  • water
  • running shoes