March 24, 2023

Foraging Hike

foraging for invasive plants that harm our local ecosystems.

Foraging Hike

foraging for invasive plants that harm our local ecosystems.

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Guided by

Jason Journeyman Wise


10:00am - 01:00pm


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About Jason Journeyman Wise

Jason is a naturalist, environmental advocate, and outdoor educator for kids of all ages. He grew up in rural California, quite frankly taking the bounty of nature in our state for granted. It was only after moving to the big bad city of Los Angeles did he realize how vital it is for our mental and physical health, and that you don’t need to be lost in the woods to find it. It's true that LA is a city of concrete, but there is a bounty of beautiful ecosystems popping up through every crack, and he's determined to show us to all the cracks and advocate to create more cracks of nature for all to enjoy.


The abundance of rain in December and January is leading to a cornucopia of plant life as we head into spring. Sadly, a lot of the green we see in our hills are invasive plants, not originally from this area, that outcompete native plants and the thousands of insect and bird species they support. However, many of those invasive plants also happen to be edible! So by eating them we will help the native ecosystem compete with them just a little extra, while also making a delicious salad from Mother Earth. In this workshop we will learn about both the native and invasive plants growing throughout Elysian Park, learn to identify those that are edible, gather various invasive plants along the way, and at the end put them all together to enjoy a wild, foraged, hyper-locally-sourced salad.

What's included

  • Lesson on both native and invasive plants
  • Guided hike for edible plants
  • Edible plant picnic

What to bring

  • water
  • sunscreen
  • tote bag for plants
  • comfortable hiking shoes
  • journal & pen