June 08, 2023

Ceremonial Tea Night

Killing Thyme: Sacred Tea Ceremony with Synth Sound Bath Meditation

Ceremonial Tea Night

Killing Thyme: Sacred Tea Ceremony with Synth Sound Bath Meditation

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Guided by

Killing Thyme (by Dakota Stroud)


06:00pm - 09:00pm


June 11, 2023

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3 hrs

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About Killing Thyme (by Dakota Stroud)

Dakota is an indigenous artist and host who is passionate about cultivating community through the ritual of calm, creative ceremony. With a background in psychology, photography and writing along with her Cherokee roots, Dakota believes that paying attention to the seemingly insignificant details in ourselves and each other is often where the magic is found.


Each Killing Thyme ceremony is 2 hours long, accommodating an ideal number of 8-15 guests max to keep the space safe and intimate. Over the course of the ceremony, the Dakota will guide guests through sacred rituals intended to cultivate a deeper connection to the self and those around them, some of which include: building an altar, a personal dedication, an indigenous storytelling practice, ceremonial tea, and a synth sound bath meditation by Colin Graham of the metal band, Ancient Fears. The only thing guests will be asked to bring is an offering to the altar space. This can either be something they are ready to fully release and let go of, or the option is available to pick up the item at the end of the ceremony after giving it new life. Guests do not need prior experience to participate. All that is required at Killing Thyme is a readiness to lean in, willingness to listen with an open heart, and a desire to let go and evolve.

What's included

  • Synth sound bath meditation
  • Ceremonial tea
  • Indigenous storytelling practice
  • Personal dedication

What to bring

  • Dress comfy + cozy
  • Water to stay hydrated
  • Your favorite fruit/a light snack
  • optional: journal & pen
  • optional: something to leave at the altar (this can be something you are ready to fully let go of)