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Microforests 101 with North East Trees

Get hands-on experience learning about microforest maintenance

Microforests 101 with North East Trees

Get hands-on experience learning about microforest maintenance

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Guided by

Katherine Pakradouni


09:00am - 12:00pm


June 15, 2024

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3 hrs

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About Katherine Pakradouni

Katherine is an LA-based native plant horticulturist, urban habitat restoration specialist, consultant, nursery starter, and grower who has worked for such organizations as the Theodore Payne Foundation, Grown in LA, the LA Parks Foundation, and the Santa Monica Mountains Fund. She runs her own business, Seed to Landscape, where she designs and installs community-centered urban habitat restoration projects in the region. The designer of LA’s first micro-forests and the creator of, she aims to create a world where biodiversity-enhancing, ecologically sound landscapes become the norm, especially in our public spaces. All Seed to Landscape projects prioritize the use of locally native species grown from regionally-suitable seeds and promote and support the growth and expansion of grassroots nursery sites in diverse locales in the city in partnership with the nonprofit Grown in LA.


Hosted by urban forestry nonprofit North East Trees, Microforests 101 is an enlightening workshop that explores the creation and benefits of microforests. Inspired by the Miyawaki method from Japan, this event delves into how these dense, biodiverse forests can be adapted and modified to suit different environments. Learn about the principles behind micro forests, the ecological advantages they offer, and practical steps to create your own. Whether you're an environmental enthusiast or a curious beginner, Microforests 101 offers valuable insights and hands-on knowledge.

What's included

  • Hands on maintenance of LA's largest microforest, Ascot Hills Park
  • Microforest education

What to bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Gardening attire
  • Boots/closed toed shoes


Official meet-up location and further event details to be sent out upon ticket confirmation.