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Catalina Spearfishing Trip

On this camping retreat to Catalina Island, we created a memorable spearfishing and freediving experience for a group of ten, teaching the in and outs of ocean safety and providing all with access to the highest quality gear.


Guided by Usal waterman Ryan Rankin, the group was given a thorough lesson and breakdown of what to expect while in the water, noting fish species to be on the look out for and what is considered legal to catch for those who were spearfishing. Once set up with all the gear, the team headed out for multiple dives across the day, receiving a firsthand experience of all the wonders of the ocean within the confides of Catalina's world class reef system.


After a day full of diving, the group headed back to camp to gather wood and prepare a catch and cook scenario for the fish they caught that day. Enjoying the sunset over fire, good food, and new friends.

Written by Michael Washington
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