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Plant Dye Workshop

From Dye to Tea: Herbal Journey with Maria's ApoTEAcary.

Plant Dye Workshop

From Dye to Tea: Herbal Journey with Maria's ApoTEAcary.

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Guided by

Maria Fernanda


02:00pm - 04:00pm


June 29, 2024

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2 hrs

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About Maria Fernanda

Originally hailing from Mexico but a lifelong native of North Hollywood, Maria Fernanda is deeply passionate about integrating the wonders of herbalism, self-care, and artistry. She aims to create a harmonious tapestry that fosters a profound connection with one's true essence, thereby encouraging a life lived in reciprocity with the Earth.

With the recent unveiling of her Blue Hour Traveling ApoTEAcary, Maria Fernanda is on a mission. She seeks to help Angelenos forge a unique connection with nature, despite the challenges of their fast-paced urban environment.


A full lesson on natural dye including fabric prep & mordants, an overview of natural dye plants & how to extract plant dye. Each student will create and leave with a one of a kind bundle dyed habotai silk scarf or mulberry silk pillowcase!

Throughout the class we will go over the history, energetics, and medical properties of the herbs we work with as well as taste them in an herbal infusion. A downloadable PDF will be sent to every attendee with course materials so they can go back to the information again & again.

What's included

  • Habotai silk scarf or mulberry silk pillowcase
  • Herbal Teas & light snacks
  • Downloadable PDF with class notes & information to go back to
  • All natural dye materials

What to bring

  • An open mind
  • childlike wonder!