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Herb Walk

Learn, identify, and collect native plants.

Herb Walk

Learn, identify, and collect native plants.

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Guided by

Andrea Jimenez


05:00pm - 07:00pm


July 21, 2024

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About Andrea Jimenez

Andrea Jimenez founded Herb Club LA to get locals to connect with the land in a truly personal way. It was in her field biology class where Andrea had the opportunity to become a certified Naturalist after learning about the native flora and fauna of Tongva land also known as Los Angeles. This opened a whole new world of understanding between our health and connecting to mother nature. It wasn’t again until the lockdown where she found reassurance that deepening our connection to mother nature was truly important and finally mustered the courage to invite others to reconnect with the land and its creatures.


In the words of Robin Wall Kimmerer, “In some Native languages the term for plants translates to “those who take care of us.” This herb walk is a plant identification walk where we will get to know our local plants and their medicinal properties, but also how to tend to the native plants and wild land to avoid creating any disturbances in our ecosystems. We will learn about reciprocity and what it means to take care of the land and each other.

We will begin the gathering with an herbal tea (an herbal infusion) & a grounding meditation. Then we will be learning how to identify plants as well as their medicinal and traditional uses. Herb Walks are not very long at all since there's so many plants to see within a short distance which makes them great for most people to join!

What's included

  • guided herb walk
  • tea meditation
  • reflections

What to bring

  • paper & pen
  • collection tote
  • water
  • Personal mug


Official meet-up location and further event details to be sent out upon ticket confirmation.