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Intro to Beekeeping

Learn about beekeeping with the hive tribe.

Intro to Beekeeping

Learn about beekeeping with the hive tribe.

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Guided by

Phoebe Piper


11:00am - 01:00pm


June 16, 2024

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2 hrs

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About Phoebe Piper

Phoebe Piper is a Certified Master Beekeeper through the University of Montana, and owner of the Los Angeles based beekeeping company The Hive Tribe Beekeeping. Together with her team, she cares for over 100 hives in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Phoebe came into beekeeping with a background in animal husbandry and instantly fell in love with bees and the impact they have on the environment. She loves sharing her passion with others as a way to foster interest in the small, often overlooked ecosystems in our own backyards. She has conducted educational classes for groups ranging from preschoolers to adults on all aspects of bees, beekeeping and pollinator protection.


This workshop is broken up into two sections beginning with an overview of bees, including basic bee biology, hive dynamics, and role of bees in the environment. Following this, we will put on bee suits and open the hives for an in-hive experience. We will be looking at hive components such as honey, pollen, and propolis and examining the life-cycle of the bees from eggs to foragers. We will use smoke and other tools in the hive. Depending on individual levels of comfort, participants may hold a frame of bees for photos.

What's included

  • In-hive experience
  • Bee suits will be provided
  • Lesson on hive components
  • Photo opportunity holding bee frames

What to bring

  • water
  • wear sunscreen (unscented)
  • do not wear strong scents!
  • wear long pants
  • wear closed toed shoes (preferably boots)


Official meet-up location, specific lesson timing, and further event details to be sent out upon ticket confirmation