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Intro to Astronomy

Explore planets, stars, and constellations through interactive observation.

Intro to Astronomy

Explore planets, stars, and constellations through interactive observation.

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Guided by

Casey Cooper


08:30pm - 10:30pm


May 24, 2024

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CHF 93


About Casey Cooper

Casey Cooper is a professional astronomer dedicated to bringing accessibility, spirituality, and joy to the practice of stargazing. Casey works as a telescope operator at Griffith Observatory, leading youth field trips by day and facilitating celestial viewing sessions by night.

Casey began learning and teaching astronomy in the dark skies of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, sharing navigational waypoints and constellation mythology at an outdoor survival skills camp in Big Sky, Montana. They believe that the ritual of skywatching can be a grounding, meditative practice and foster a deep appreciation for the complexity of our universe and the significance of human connection.


Join us to explore the cosmos in the quiet darkness of the Malibu mountains. Participants will view celestial objects in our solar system and beyond through an 11-inch reflecting telescope and high-powered stargazing binoculars, learn seasonal constellations and observe their nightly trajectory, begin their own personal stargazing journal, and learn methods of utilizing stargazing as a meditative exercise and spiritual practice.

A portion of event proceeds will be donated to mutual aid funds supporting the unhoused community of Los Angeles.

What's included

  • Telescope (Celestron 11 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain Reflecting telescope) and binocular for viewing of stars, planets, & nebulae
  • Constellation identification via laser point
  • Outline for creating a personal stargazing journal
  • Sky Chart and take-home resources
  • Hot chocolate

What to bring

  • Journal & writing utensils (preferably pencils)
  • Additional binoculars (if you have some!)
  • Warm clothing (jacket, gloves, hat, etc.)
  • Camp chair (optional)
  • Any burning existential astronomy questions or theories you would like to discuss