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Outdoor Strength Class – Vivobarefoot

Functional training for outdoor activity with Vivobarefoot.

Outdoor Strength Class – Vivobarefoot

Functional training for outdoor activity with Vivobarefoot.

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Guided by

Justine Pierre


11:00am - 01:00pm


April 13, 2024

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About Justine Pierre

Justine Pierre, a native New Yorker now based in LA. With a background in yoga, mixed martial arts, mobility, calisthenics and primal movement: her goal is to fuse movement with other mediums and outlets-- curating spaces that provide common ground for a special training experience indoors & outdoors.

Vivobarefoot is based on the simple insight that being barefoot is regenerative to human health, and is key to re-establishing our connection to the natural world. Honoring feet as our foundation, not only in a physical sense, but also as the key to natural movement, Vivo makes shoes as close to barefoot as possible, bringing you – literally – closer to nature.


Whether it's surfing, climbing, hiking, or swimming – nearly all outdoor activities demand a form of physicality that can be traced to the practice of primal movement. In this workshop, led by mindful movement teacher Justine Pierre, we look to integrate several forms of movement patterns to prepare participants for their active outdoor lifestyles. From yoga, mobility, calisthenics, to HIIT – we will utilize all forms within this one hour training session to condition the mind and body for outdoor activity, starting from the ground up- connecting our inner and outer worlds.

As a group, we will explore and encompass essential yoga, mobility + functional strength movements and fuse together real like movements needed for many popular outdoor activities (surfing, climbing, hiking, etc). Each participant will have an opportunity to inspect each form of movement, creating their own self-identifying flow and individuality to the movement while gaining strength, stamina and confidence.

What's included

  • guided training session
  • guided meditation
  • water, refreshments, and snacks

What to bring

  • comfortable gym / training footwear
  • workout clothing
  • water bottle


Address and full meet up details to be sent out upon ticket confirmation.